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About bhu botanicals

We bring you the Goodness of Mother Earth.

Nature is a combination of five great elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. Earth, or ‘bhu’ is a very crucial element because its elements can be touched, tasted, felt, and perceived. From times immemorial it is known that ‘bhu’ is the repository to miraculous constituents which are pure, safe & effective.  Be it mind, body or soul, these earthy ingredients have been the answer to many seemingly impossible mysteries.
Hence, at 'bhu botanicals', a brand by Marvous Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,  we try to go back to mother earth to find solutions to all our skincare needs. Here we unlock the power of earthy ingredients and craft natural skincare products out of them. We pick finest ingredients from around the world to ensure their efficacy and fitness.


We are not a skincare brand, we are a piece of ‘bhu’ in a bottle!

Our Processes

All our processes are new age Cold Processing and Distillation techniques. Cold processes as the name suggests use extremely low to no heat for blending which helps to preserve the integrity of the nutrients! The processes which use heat intensive methods for blending their ingredients may lose upon the efficiency of the ingredients because heat (as high as 175-195 degree Fahrenheit) breaks down key ingredients, like essential oils, botanical extracts and vitamins, like vitamin A and B.
Apart from being more efficient, cold processed products are more eco-friendly than traditionally heated products. The whole process of heating and then cooling down the products consumes a lot of energy. So by reducing the energy consumption we are contributing our bit to the environment.

Our Ethos

No Animal Testing

Let us not take their lives to get wrinkles off our face!

At bhu botanicals we understand the pain, frustration, anguish and fear millions of animals go through in the name of animal testing. According to an article by PETA, millions of animals die every year in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests. During the experiments, mice and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes, force fed pesticides, harmful chemicals applied on their skin.

Contributing our bit to save animals from cruelty!

At bhu, we are strictly against animal testing. Our products are tested by our research team and then by the curators themselves.
Animal cruelty will NOT stop till the consumers’ STOP buying animal tested products. Countless leading beauty providers are still selling animal tested products. WHY? Because we are buying!! WAKE UP to NO CRUELTY ON ANIMALS’ life.

Our Confession

bhu botanicals is NOT 100% natural. Yes, you heard us right. We are 95% natural

Other than the natural homemade recipes, there is no skincare product that is 100% natural. Commercial skincare products sit on the shelves of big malls and small shops for months. Technically, it is not possible to maintain the efficacy of product for years without adding stabilizers and atleast some preservatives.
At bhu, we believe ‘Transparency is the key to sustainability’. All our products are about 95% natural, made out of natural, hand-picked ingredients sourced from the best and remotest parts of world.