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Our Story

The Birth of 'bhu botanicals'

bhu botanicals is more than a brand to us, it is an expression of Self Love!

Growing up in a middle class family as an academically driven child I did not focus on my physical appearance in the initial years of teen. When life settled I began realizing the importance of Self attention & Self Love.  I was in dire need of some exemplary skincare products that would do more than just claims. The markets were flooded with all sorts of products and solutions, that came in all shapes and sizes, and claimed to do everything a person like me could desire!

To be honest, the choice was very difficult. I was unsure about most things. I would yearn to find product labels to study. Since childhood all I could trust in the name of evidence was Science, and nothing but Science! While I was unsure about most things I was clear on two- scientific evidence & my love for natural ingredients.

Coming from a country with magnificent natural resources and invaluable ancient texts on nature and its benefits, the market was flooded with plethora of skincare brands in the name of Ayurvedic, Herbal, Natural, and Organic. My hunt for some authentic brands began but the choice was not easy. While on one side, the brands claiming to have been using all organic and natural ingredients costed a fortune, the other ones seemed just too good to be true for the price range at which they operated. It left me all confused and made me question the authenticity of the brands that existed.

I realized there was a huge gap in the skincare arena for people like us, who wanted to apply authentic, natural and effective skincare in affordable price range.

That was when we studied research papers and texts and got some formulations developed as per our specifications. We combined our vision & requirement with the expertise of our curators and launched the first segment of skincare solutions free of harmful chemicals and dyes.

Hence, ‘bhu’ was born. 

At bhu botanicals we try to provide ‘affordable luxury’.

Some of our ingredients enjoy the status of being certified ECOCERT Natural. As the tagline suggests, bhu botanicals comes straight "from the house of mother earth”. We boast of being Sulphate, Paraben, Mineral Oil free and most of our products are Vegan.


They say Indians are obsessed with fairness & bright skin. Well! Why won’t they be, that’s how people from my generation & previous generations have been judged. Thank god that’s not the case now & our children will be judged for better things in life.

Our Skin Brightening Range is NO MAGIC TOOL. It cannot make you white if you were born with dusky genes. Our Skin Brightening range is a solution to dull & withered skin. It helps to provide essential nutrients to skin, hydrate it, oxygenate it, reduce inflammation and reverse photo-damage.

The combined effect of these helps skin to reach its brightest best and imparts the lost glow & smoothness it always had!