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What's the difference between natural, herbal, Ayurvedic, and organic?

Natural products, as the name suggests, are made from naturally occurring things. These include – plants, natural minerals, milk, etc. Since the word is a loosely used term, one must check the detailed ingredient list of products. A product claiming to be natural may have a very low percentage of natural ingredients.

Herbal products are made of plant extracts, plant roots, leaves, etc. and used as per their properties. These products are chemical-free, while it is not guaranteed that pesticides would not have been used in the growing process of the plants.

Ayurvedic products are medicinal. Ayurvedic recipes make use of plants, heavy metals like gold, silver, copper, tin, mercury, sulphur, etc. These may not be vegan. Some Ayurvedic products could possess toxic levels of metals that may not be suited to everyone.

Organic products are made out of natural ingredients that have been organically grown. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program, organic is “a labeling term that indicates that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods. Organic ingredients are certified by agencies and hence are very expensive. There are organizations that use some organic ingredients and call themselves organic, thus it is a must to see the detailed ingredient list before believing in ‘Organic products’ claims.


What is meant by Skin Brightening? How is it different from Skin Whitening?

Skin Brightening does not mean skin whitening. Skin brightening products usually help in clearing out the dark spots and blemishes, evening out skin tone, reducing pigmentation, producing collagen, protecting from UV radiation, and lifting the skin. These products can help to brighten the skin and provide it glow but cannot magically lighten the skin tone one was born with.


Why should I switch to a natural skincare routine rather than using the products I have been using for ages?

Because natural is good for your skin, environment, and your overall health!


The pump on my face cleanser/body cleanser isn't working? What do I do?

When a pump isn't working, it's usually because it's clogged. Learn how to unclog the pump by watching this video: If the problem persists, contact us on our helpline number for assistance.


Why do some ingredients in bhu botanicals products sound like chemicals?

These are scientific names of some ingredients because, according to regulations, it is necessary to mention INCI (International nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients) names of all the ingredients on the label.


The color /consistency/fragrance of my product has changed with time. Why is that?

Naturally crafted products ted to change color, consistency, and fragrance over a period of time. The interaction of natural ingredients with various environmental factors like light, temperature, air, etc. is the cause. However, it doesn't mean that the product has expired or is unfit for use. If the product is within the expiration date, it is mostly fine to use it. However, make sure that the product is stored in a cool, dry place. Still, if you have doubt, take up a patch test.


How to perform a patch test?

A patch test is performed usually on the wrist or inner side of the arm because of the similarity of facial skin with these areas. Apply the product in small quantity and check the results, wait for 24 hours to arrive at a decision.


Are bhu botanicals products safe to use?