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Skin Clarifying Toner Ingredients

How come acidic fruit like lemon or lime is considered 'alkaline' after  digestion? - Quora
ACB Fruit Mix
Rich in natural AHAs; helps in exfoliation, cellular renewal, skin brightening, moisturization & soothing wrinkles
Beetroot extracts Manufacturer,Betaine,Beta vulgarisvar rubra China
Natural Betaine
Extracted from plants like Comfrey & Chamomile, Effective Skin Soothing & Conditioning agent

Organic Aloe Vera Ext.

Acts as a protective layer on epithelial skin level and replenishes its moisture without making it greasy. Possesses high nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, which help in skin healing. 

Organic Bamboo Water
Possesses medicinal properties, provides antioxidants and  possesses skin soothing properties
Niacin - Wikipedia
Sourced from Green Vegetables, beans and cereals. Known as Vitamin B3, effective skin restoring ingredient, helps in reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone, wrinkles, dullness & enlarged pores
Me🌽irl : me_irl
Derived naturally from Corns, Helps in hydrating skin & enhancing absorption of other ingredients
Dried Red Rose Petals, Pack Size: 10 Kg, Rs 280 /kilogram Sohan Lal Ganesh  Ram And Company | ID: 20455687973
Rose Water
Derived from Roses, Skin refreshing & soothing