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Article: 5 Tips for Wedding Skincare Routine

5 Tips for Wedding Skincare Routine

5 Tips for Wedding Skincare Routine

So the big day you have been waiting for all your life is finally going to be here. Special days like these call for special arrangements. Despite having the perfect venue, perfect food, perfect outfit, it is every woman’s desire to look perfect!

While Make-up can work wonders it is the real glow of the bride that makes it shine bright!

Of course, the happiness of tying the knot with your most loved one and the excitement to start anew make your face glow, but to add to this a special skincare regimen is a must!

Diet & Workout

It is funny that the first tip to this bridal skincare regimen is not related to skincare products but to the habits that most definitely impact skin.

Eat a balanced diet – Your skin is a part what you eat!

When we say diet we do not mean it in terms of weight loss. We recommend you to reduce the intake of sugars, carbs, high oil content food like chips, aerated drinks and replace them with high fiber foods like vegetables, green smoothies, fruits and right amount of proteins.

This would help feed not just your belly but your skin!

Workout – Not just helps in body balancing but also keeps the skin going!

Adopt a form of workout that you love. You can opt for non-traditional options like pilates, beach cleaning, hooping, play fit circuits etc. This would help to keep you enthused, at the same time work on improving your blood circulation and make you sweat, thereby, detoxing your skin off impurities

Somber in peace

Trust us when we say ‘sleep is everything’!

The importance of a good eight hour sleep has never been undermined by skin scientists. Your skin repairs, regenerates and revives itself when you sleep.
A good night care routine helps lock in skin moisture and builds collagen

Stick to the basics

It may sound intimidating but refrain from indulging into complex skincare routines.

A lot of ‘brides-to-be’ experiment with their skin in this crucial time which may be a hit or miss. New products can surprise your skin and may cause skin-purging (a sudden & violent rejection of new products by your skin in the form of acne/ rashes etc.).

Stick to the traditional CTM routine - something that always gets on well with every skin!

Also include exfoliation and masking in your weekly skincare routine, depending on your skin type.

Hydration is the key

One of the most under-rated skincare step is moisturization, especially by people with oily skin.

Most of us try to skip the moisturizers thinking they might be insufficient. On the contrary, moisturizers help create a barrier & help to delay all sorts of skin problems. The catch is to find the right moisturizer according to your skin type.

Manage Stress, Relax & Unwind

As told time & again, stress can not only cause mental disruptions but physical too. At such a crucial point in time, stress can be your worst enemy!

It can not only make your skin look dull & tired but can also lead to break-outs.

It is your time & you deserve a break – this could be a spa, a body massage, a book with your mug of hot chocolate or something as simple as good music! You are better at identifying what will help you the most.

To sum it up, you need to feed your mind, body & soul with good things & positive thoughts. A happy system within always reflects on the face & you shall shine like a diamond on your special day!

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