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Article: Prepping Up for Spring

Prepping Up for Spring

Prepping Up for Spring

Spring is everyone’s favourite and as they say it is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party”!

As much as the changing season brings with itself joy and hope, it also accompanies changing weather. People say they can feel hundred different weathers during spring. Spring is often marked by a sunny day followed with sudden cloudy week and then an unexpected stormy night.

But what’s special about spring is the increased daylight and rising temperature, which allows you more time to take care of your skin. This is the perfect time to step out of your cosy couch and make that skin shine before the scorching sun sucks the glow off your face.

Here are a few simple things you need to keep in mind to step-up your spring skincare:

Focus on Hydration, not just moisturization

Hydration means to infuse your skin cells with water & moisturization means covering your skin with a protective layer to trap that moisture in. With rising temperature and humidity, skin cells tend to lose more moisture as compared to winters and hence you need to hydrate your skin cells repetitively. Spring is the perfect time to take out your toners which you said Goodbye to in winters and spray that dose of nutrition & moisture onto your face, multiple times in a day, yes! Multiple times in a day.

Tone down your moisturizers

Since the face will not feel as dry as it would in winters, you can go-easy with the face cream. Include less heavy face creams and lotions in your regime. Lookout for moisture trapping ingredients in your skincare like Hyaluronic Acid.

Shield with Sunscreen

Since the spring sun is usually brighter than the winter skin, this is one step you just can’t skip! While most of us acknowledge the importance of sun protection, very few actually put up a sunscreen for broad UV protection. One of the major reasons being –avoiding additional layer of stickiness on your face. Look out for less sticky and mattifying SPF lotions, with broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protecting factors.

Exfoliate, but don’t overdo!

Changing weather brings sweat, grime and facial oils. This can clog the pores and cause acne. Usually, oily skin needs more exfoliation in comparison to dry skin. However, exfoliation must always be mild and should not be overdone. Excessive and harsh facial scrubbing can sometimes increase pigmentation and worsen the skin.

Be careful with Perfumes, Dyes and Hair Colours

Changing weather makes you step out more often and we tend to use more hair colours and perfumes. While perfumes are a great way to self-love, they should not be sprayed directly onto the skin because of high concentration of perfuming agents.
Similarly, hair colours and dyes can cause pigmentation around neck and forehead.

Having said all above, happy skin is unique to each individual – just stay happy in the skin you’re in!






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