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Article: New year Resolution Tips According to Skin Types

New year Resolution Tips According to Skin Types

New year Resolution Tips According to Skin Types

Author: Mahima Gupta

With a New Year Comes Newer looking Skin – With These Tips

Are skincare and Self-love part of your New Year resolutions? If yes, this blog is for

Goals for an OILY SKIN TYPE

Wash off the impurities- No matter how many times we have read about washing our face over the day, we end up ignoring it. It is a must for the OILY SKIN TYPE to remove dirt, grime, and excessive oil collected on the face. Wash your face post-workout, after a dusty ride back home, after cooking and definitely before sleeping.
Exercise and De-Stress– Irrespective of your skin type, you must indulge in the form of physical activity that de-stresses you. It could be gyming, a walk with yourself, playing with your little one, playing your favorite sport, practicing yoga or a mix of these activities. Make it a part of your daily routine.
Reduce the intake of Dairy | Sugar and Fatty foods – These foods are not suitable for Oily skin. These can increase the chances of clogging your skin pores and breakouts.
Even Oily skin needs Moisturizers – People with oily skin run away from oils and moisturizers because they have plenty on their own faces. However, even oily skin needs to be moisturized with carefully selected products. You can opt for lighter moisturizers and natural products.
Change your towels and pillow covers regularly – Funny it may sound. Still, a lot of people with oily skin can have aggravated skin issues because dirt and oils deposit on the face towels and pillowcases over time, which can transfer back to your face.


BYE-BYE hot water – Trust us when we say this, Hot water is not your friend. Long hot water showers will rip the moisture off your skin, making it drier. Go for shorter showers with warm waters.
Go Sulphate and Paraben free – Say no to harsh cleansing agents and rich lathers. Again, they will suck the moisture off your skin.
Stay Hydrated – Drink ample water.
Opt for a humidifier – Decent amount of humidity is right for people with dry skin. In non-humid weather, use a humidifier or put a bowl of water in your room.
Use hydrating Masks – Hydrating masks are your savior. Use them more often irrespective of your gender, and your face will feel better.


Moisturize Wisely – Use lighter moisturizers on your face during the day and heavier ones at night. See if it works for you!
Drink Water – Irrespective of what skin you are, you cannot SKIP water goals. Water flushes out the impurities off your body, makes skin healthier.
Cleanse Selectively – It is weird advice but actually works for people with combination skin. You can selectively cleanse the oily parts of your face and stick to only water for the not-so-oily ones.
Smart Make up – Similarly, while applying make-up, you can use a mix of heavy foundations on the non-oily regions and for the oily ones, opt lighter foundations (stick based or powder-based).
Exfoliate – Do not forget to remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliation is a must!

In the excitement of New Year don’t forget to follow the above mentioned resolutions. From all of us at Bhu Botanicals, Happy New Year in advance!

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