6 Winter Skincare Tips

Author: Mahima Gupta

Short Showers, Warm Showers, Not Hot.

Long steamy hot showers are everyone’s delight in winters but this strips the skin off its moisture. Similarly Saunas, Hot-tubs and Jacuzzi’s can also cause extreme skin dryness especially in cold weather.

Say Bye-Bye to Over-lathery Soaps.

We love being all lathery during the bath times but harsh soaps can wash-off the natural essentials oils of the skin.

Maintain the Right Humidity Around.

Humidity helps keep skin hydrated. Keep a bowl of water in your room, yes that actually helps! Or you can have a humidifier, which really helps soothe dry skin.

Moisturize at the Right Time.

The best time to moisturize your skin is post – shower because the skin is still damp. At this time the effect of moisturizer is better and longer lasting because the moisturizer fills the spaces in skin cells.

Skip the Shower, Occasionally!

To seal in the skin’s moisture, it is absolutely okay to skip the shower. This helps the skin to maintain its natural oils & moisture without over-drying the skin.

Don’t Scratch!

It is an unmatchable feeling to scratch the itchy part but trust us, DO NOT SCRATCH. Scratch doesn’t only trigger irritation which eventually leads to more itchiness but can also leave marks on the skin.

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