The Changing concept of Beauty

Author : Mahima Gupta

When I was a little child aunties in the neighbourhood used to tell my mom I didn’t look as pretty as she did. Ouch! That hurt. Much before I could understand the meaning of beauty a belief was put into my head – FAIRNESS IS BEAUTY. Having everything other than a fair skin, I always felt incomplete and inadequate. Soon all my prayers started being about wishing for a fair skin. At that time beauty for me was fairness.

As years passed, my focus towards my career grew. I was finding it hard to cope with everything I had taken at once. However there were some fellow mates who could multitask, manage school and coaching well, they were praised by everyone. The neighbourhood aunties suddenly seemed to shift sides from the fair to the intelligent. The ‘Gurus’ at school & coaching would talk to them differently. At that point in time I felt SUCCESS WAS BEAUTY.

Gradually I understood which profession I belonged to. I had made peace with things around,I was ready to enter into a new phase of life. I had found the love of my life. As soon as I got married,I started feeling the pressure of home making. I could see people around who could be all decked up and would manage home. They would eat but the lipstick won’t go, they would come to the gym and I’d be like “why do you need to work-out?”They would post pictures from honeymoon which would be nothing short of dream locations and high definition wallpapers. They would have numerous insta stories and all in new clothes. I had become obsessed with people who could do it all and post things so perfect. At that time beauty for me was TO GIVE AN IMPRESSION OF PERFECTION TO OTHERS.

Many such phases passed. They have all contributed to my learning and self- understanding and I have understood that the concept of beauty changes for an individual according to his age, perception, lifestyle and experience. It is unique to each individual.

For me beauty is in being myself. It is in being strong and confident. It is in exploring, in finding new avenues, and in embracing different phases of life with grace. Who knows, there’s more to this definition in the times to come.

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jyoti January 06, 2021

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